Pet-Friendly Rooms

Three of our rooms, Red CloverButtercup and Dandelion (all located in the Garden Annex) are available as dog and cat friendly. Canines and cats are welcome at a one-time charge per stay of $60 per pet.

Doggie treats, a water bowl and a doggie bed will be added to the room. For cats, a litter box with litter and cat-approved treats will be provided. Guests will be responsible for emptying the litter before checking out.

The Four Columns Inn must be notified of the presence of a pet upon making a reservation.

Pets must be registered at the time of check-in. Guests with pets must acknowledge and sign our complete pet policy when checking in.

Before traveling, Guests must ensure that their pet is up-to-date on all vaccines and shots and not traveling with any communicable illnesses such as kennel cough.

Dogs are not allowed to be left alone in the room all day; they need to be looked after. They can, however, be in the room while guests are at breakfast or dinner. However, for the safety of the Inn’s staff, the room will not be serviced by housekeeping while a dog is in the room.

Cats must be in their carrier during housekeeping service.

Guests must use waste bags to clean up after their pets when walking on the Four Columns Inn’s grounds.

If there is any indication of damage in the room from an animal, or if any additional cleaning is required, a $250 charge plus any lost revenue will be added to the guest’s bill. Additionally, this same $250 charge applies to guests who show up at the Inn with a pet, and who have booked a room which is not pet-friendly: the guest will be required to pay the fee to access the reserved room. In simple terms, pets are not allowed in rooms other than the designated ones: Red CloverButtercup and Dandelion.

*Regardless of whether a hotel is pet-friendly, under II & III of the ADA, service dogs MUST be allowed to accompany their humans while visiting any property in the United States. Service dogs are those that are trained to perform tasks for people living with disabilities. Service dogs are working dogs and are not pets. A common misperception is that therapy or emotional support dogs are covered under the ADA. Unfortunately, they are not. Those traveling with emotional support or therapy dogs should seek lodging with pet friendly accommodations and their stay will be subject to the pet-friendly policy enforced by the individual property.

Mars sitting at the Main Building entrance