Gift Certificates

Gift certificates issued post June 2022

New management has begun issuing separate gift certificates for the Tavern & Restaurant, and the Inn. These are not valid for massages, spa treatments, a gym membership, or any service not mentioned on the certificate.

To arrange the purchase of a gift certificate, please call the Inn at 802 365 7713 or the Restaurant at 802 221 4934.

If you are a local, call us ahead of time with the amount, and the recipient’s name; we will prepare the document for you before pickup.
If you are from out-of-state, you will receive the document in the mail. Or we may mail it to the recipient directly, if you provide their name and mailing address.

Gift Certificate Policy – Andrea’s Table & The Tavern

Due to limited seating at the restaurant Andrea’s Table, gift certificates must be disclosed when making a reservation. For the Tavern, they must be disclosed before being seated.

Policy Related to Previously Issued Gift Certificates

Due to limited seating at the restaurant Andrea’s Table and at the Tavern, gift certificates issued by previous management must be disclosed before being seated at either location.
New management reserves the right to refuse to honor gift certificates issued by previous management, particularly those intended for the “Artisan Restaurant, Tavern & Garden” as that establishment has permanently closed at the Four Columns Inn.
If your gift certificate displays the Greenwich or Delamar hotel logos, we invite you to communicate with the Delamar hotel chain so they may honor your certificate in one of their establishments.

Current management of the Four Columns Inn is not affiliated with either Greenwich Group or the Delamar.